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Advanced Materials Division

Opto-Electronics Materials Dept. I

Synthetic quartz preforms for optical fibers, Oxide single crystals (such as LT), Pyrolytic Boron Nitride(PBN)
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Opto-Electronics Materials Dept. II

Synthetic quartz substrates for photomask, Synthetic quartz wafers, Synthetic quartz ingots for optical lenses, High-purity organometallics
Phone:+81-3-3246-5222 FAX:+81-3-3246-5366


Synthetic Quartz

Synthetic quartz is produced from oxygen, hydrogen and silicon compound(s). The Shin-Etsu Group achieved success being the first mass-producer of synthetic quartz with a higher purity than natural quartz. It is utilized in optical fibers, photomask substrates for LSI and stepper lenses used for inscribing semiconductor circuitry, large-sized photomask substrates for liquid crystal display (LCD) panels, etc. It is supporting development of a highly informationalized society, and has become an indispensable material to the IT industry.

Optical fiber preforms with diameters of 170 mm and lengths of 2,000 mm. Each will become roughly 3,000 km of optical fiber. Synthetic quartz photomask substrates for LSI and LCD.

Optical fiber is made using synthetic quartz as a key raw material.

Liquid crystal displays are noteworthy as a space saver in offices and homes. What has made the larger sizes possible are Shin-Etsu Chemical's large-sized photomask substrates for LCD.


Synthetic quartz photomask substrates

This substrate excels in the permeability and low thermal expansibility in the far-ultraviolet range. It is suitable as photomask substrates for optical lithography and other applications that require ultra-high purity and high precision polishing (flatness processing at a submicron level).


  • It has ultra-high purity, and contains no bubble, foreign matter and stria.
    Surface defects: For IC 1m (SZS grade) and 2m (SMS grade).
    For LCD 2m (SMS grade).
    Flatness: Various lineups are available.


  • Synthetic quartz photomask substrates for IC
    ・ Synthetic quartz photomask substrates for g line, i line, KrF (248nm) lithography
    ・ Synthetic quartz photomask substrates for ArF (193 nm) lithography
    ・ Synthetic quartz photomask substrates for F2 (157 nm)
  • Synthetic quartz photomask substrates for LCD
    ・ Synthetic quartz photomask substrates for TFT
    ・ Synthetic quartz photomask substrates for Color Filter



Synthetic quartz wafers

This wafer has excellent thermal resistance and light transmission properties. It is most suitable as wafers for high temperature poly- Si TFT-LCD and other applications that require high purity and high precision polishing.


  • It is an ultra-high grade product free from bubble and foreign matter.
  • Compared with ordinary glass, it possesses a low thermal expansion and extremely high permeability over the whole wavelength range from ultraviolet to infrared region.
  • We have two grades for wafers, which are VIOSIL-SQ and VIOSIL-SX. VIOSIL-SQ is same material as synthetic quartz photomask substrate.VIOSIL-SX is improved material for heat resistance to support the use in the high temperature range (1,000 or higher).


  • External diameters from 3"(76.2 mm) to a maximum of 12"(300 mm) are included in the lineup. Other sizes are also available.
LCD panels are finding more and more applications from wall-hanging displays to personal computers. With increasing application of these devices, users are demanding larger sizes and ever finer images. Larger screens, naturally, require more elements: several million placed at intervals of less than 10 micron meters from each other. To achieve size, high resolution and clarity, electrical circuits controlling voltages to the crystals must be manufactured with perfect precision. The basic material for the photo mask used to etch the ultra fine circuit patterns on the display panel is synthetic quartz: The material of choice.
Oxide Single Crystals (Lithium Tantalate: LT)
LT single crystal and wafers.

Lithium tantalate (LT) is used in mobile communication devices ,such as TV and VTR tuners,as SAW devices, which screens electromagnetic waves and picks up only those of specific frequencies. Oxide single crystals are contributing these days to the popularization of cellular telephones, and thus play a large role in the modern information society.

Pyrolytic Boron Nitride (PBN)
Pyrolytic boron nitride is used
in the semiconductor production process.

PBN is a high-purity ceramic with excellent chemical resistance and strength at high temperatures. It was Shin-Etsu Chemical who succeeded at producing PBN domestically for the first time in Japan. PBN is used in crucibles for producing compound semiconductors and molecular-beam epitaxy, which make use of its characteristics. The extent of potential uses of PBN is expanding, such as high functional PG/PBN heaters for semiconductor field and CIGS based thin film for photovoltaic power generation.
(Basically PBN products are custom made)

High-Purity Organometallics (TMG, TEG, TMI, TMA, DMZ, DEZ, TBP)
High-Purity Organometallics.

Shin-Etsu High-Purity Organometallics are the highest purity metalorganic precursors, which are used to deposit compound semiconductor thin films by MOCVD (metal organic chemical vapor deposition). These materials are a vital component of the compound semiconductor film technologies and these organometallic products are used in a wide range of electronic and optoelectronic devices, such as high-brightness LEDs, laser diodes, and high-speed electronic devices.