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Eco-products Materials

PVC, silicones, synthetic pheromones-the products of the Shin-Etsu Group help conserve natural resources and energy, and help minimize damage to the environment.




Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
PVC is a general purpose resin that is used extensively for everyday consumer items and as an industrial material.
Petroleum constitutes less than 40% of the raw materials used to make PVC, and the environmental load of the manufacturing process is relatively low. PVC is durable, easy to recycle, and can be used as an alternative material for wood in a wide range of applications. It also offers advantages in terms of resource and energy conservation and environmental protection. PVC window frames help reduce energy consumption and are thus attracting attention throughout the construction industry.


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Silicone for Resin Modification
With resin modifier silicones, we can improve resins by adding the fine properties of silicone. Whatever your application, you can select the right product from our lineup of silicone fluids, powders, resins, and silane coupling agents. Silicone is used extensively to boost the flame retardancy of plastics and to improve the anti-wear properties of rubbers.


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Silanes & Resins
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Solvent-free Silicone Resin
Our eco-friendly solvent-free silicone resins are used as a coating for electronic components and for other applications. They contain no organic solvents and are thus highly safe and help reduce environmental load.


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Rare Earth Magnets
Rare earth oxides are the principal materials of these high-performance permanent magnets. Shin-Etsu has a unified production system, meaning we handle all steps from separation and refinement of the rare earth elements, right up to production of the magnets themselves. We supply a range of magnets and also offer support in terms of development and application of magnetic circuits. Rare earth magnets contribute to electronic goods that are smaller, lighter, and consume less energy. RE Magnets are also an important part of clean energy applications, including hybrid cars and wind turbine motors.


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Green Epoxy Molding Compound (EMC)
Epoxy molding compound is an encapsulating material used to protect semiconductor chips from heat, humidity and dust. Green EMC is made without bromine- or antimony-based flame retardant, and it offers outstanding heat resistance, moisture resistance and electrical properties.


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Synthetic Pheromones
Male and female insects communicate by means of chemicals called pheromones. We have synthesized pheromones to create new pest control agents that block the communications of the target insect, thereby inhibiting breeding and lowering their population density. Synthetic pheromones are used to protect fruit trees including apple, peach and pear trees; vegetables, tea plants, cotton plants and others. Synthetic pheromones have no adverse effect on other living things or the environment. This makes them an essential agricultural material for use in integrated control strategies that employ natural predators and less use of pesticides.


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Asuka Clean - underwater non-separating admixture

Right: additive
left: No additive
When ordinary concrete is used underwater, the materials separate, not only reducing the strength of the concrete but fouling the water. Cellulose derivatives can be used to increase the viscosity of raw concrete and prevent separation of its component materials. Thus, the strength of the concrete is maintained and the water stays clean. In recent years cellulose derivatives have been playing an important role in waterfront development projects including bridge construction and embankment projects.


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Hot-Melt Adhesives
These adhesives, which are solid at room temperature, are heated and melted using special applicators. Hot-melt adhesives harden and bond just seconds after application, and are thus used in product manufacturing and packaging by users looking to boost speed and productivity. Eco-friendly products are 100% recyclable, including the glued portion that can not normally be reused.


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