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Shin-Etsu Group Key CSR Issues

Key Issues 8: Accurate and timely information disclosure and communication with stakeholders

Information Disclosure

The Group believes the appropriate and timely disclosure of company information promotes of stakeholder understanding of the Group, and also leads to proper evaluations of the market.

We therefore implement fair and transparent information disclosure by posting information on the Company’s website and publicizing it to stock exchanges and the news media. We also publish the Annual Report, financial statements and other reports for shareholders.


Presentations to individual investors


Dialogue with Stakeholders

The Group, through a variety of methods and opportunities, is carrying out an active dialogue with stakeholders. We believe that this effort contributes to a sustainable growth of the Group and increases corporate value.


Major communication method and opportunity
Shareholders and Investors
General Shareholders’ Meeting
Earnings presentations for analysts and institutional investors
One-on-one meetings with analysts
Small meetings and conferences hosted by securities companies
Presentations to individual investors.
Information provided by the homepage, annual report, etc.
Day-to-day communications by sales representatives
Information provided by the homepage, exhibitions, etc.
Business partners
Day-to-day communications by the purchasing department
Local communities
Dialogue with bodies such as local governments
Participation in local events
Dialogue and consultation with Labor Unions
Information provided by the company magazine and intranet


Shin-Etsu Group Key CSR Issues