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Shin-Etsu Group Key CSR Issues

The cornerstone of all activities: legal compliance, fair corporate activities

Ensuring Full Compliance Awareness

The Group emphasizes the importance of Compliance with Laws and Regulations in the Corporate Mission Statement and periodical management objectives. We always work with strictly compliance with laws and regulations.

In the event of promulgation of or amendments to legislation pertaining to corporate activities, the Legal Department serves in a central role by issuing internal bulletins and disseminating knowledge of these changes.

All of the officers and employees submit a Compliance Pledge to the Company. For the eventuality of inappropriate action occurring, disciplinary measures are available.

In addition, officers and employees can consult with and report to the Compliance Consultation Office related to violations of the rules and regulations as well as laws and ethics. The office then carries out a detailed investigation in response to the information received. With necessary investigations, the office will take necessary corrective actions. Confidentiality will be maintained for consulters and whistleblowers. There is no unfavorable treatment as a reason for consulting and reporting.


Initiatives Aimed at Preventing Corruption

The Company has created the Anti-Bribery Regulations and prohibits actions that involve unfair transfer of profit from or to parties such as domestic or foreign government officials, customers and business partners. Moreover, by having a Compliance Pledge, we assuredly prevent the provision of unfair benefits or unfair demands in respect to our customers, domestic or foreign government officials and business partners. Also, the status of compliance with ethical standards is one item included in personal evaluations. Furthermore, we provide internal training, such as online seminars, and lectures by outside instructors for preventing bribery and carry out regular internal audits for corruption, embezzlement and bribery.


Export Control

From the viewpoint of maintaining world peace and security, the Company has created the “Control Program on Security Control” to comply with the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act and other export related legislation. The followings are our initiatives based on this program.

  • Classification, customer review and transaction review when exporting products
  • Internal audit
  • Training officers and employees and instruction to Group companies


Cutting Ties with Anti-social Forces

The Group declares in its the Basic Policy on Internal Controls that the Group shall adopt a consistently resolute attitude towards anti-social forces and shall take measures necessary to cut itself off from any and all associations with them. In accordance with this policy, we will endeavor to develop internal systems under the leadership of the department in charge of managing these issues. At the same time, we are promoting the signing of memorandums and letters of confirmation regarding the exclusion of anti-social forces with customers and business partners.

In addition, we are working closely with external specialized agencies.


Shin-Etsu Group Key CSR Issues