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Message from Management


Chihiro Kanagawa Chairman

Chihiro Kanagawa Chairman

Yasuhiko Saito, President

Yasuhiko Saito, President

Shin-Etsu Group's Corporate Mission Statement

“Strictly comply with all laws and regulations, conduct fair business practices and contribute to people’s daily lives as well as to the advance of industry and society by creating value through providing key materials and technologies.”


Contribution to the Future of the Earth

The Shin-Etsu Group’s product line up contributes to the United Nation’s “SDGs”*.

The Group’s core products such as PVC, semiconductor silicon, silicones, cellulose derivatives and rare earth magnets contribute to the future of the earth by addressing issues on climate change, preservation of ecosystems and biodiversity. We will accelerate the development of product application as well as the development of new products in order to further contribute to the SDGs.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is a set of 17 global goals adopted in “Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development“ with the aim of transforming the world by promoting global prosperity and protecting the planet. This resolution was adopted at a historic UN Summit in 2015 by all of the United Nations’ 193 member countries.


Key CSR Issues

The Shin-Etsu Group has defined eight Key CSR Issues. The Group has been focusing on addressing many of these issues over a long period of time.


  • Employees and contractor health and safety
  • Energy-saving, resource-saving and the reduction of the environmental impact
  • Product quality improvements and product safety control
  • Promoting CSR procurement and the diversification of supply sources
  • Respect for human rights, the development of human resources and the promotion of diversity
  • Contribution to industry and social initiatives
  • Respect for and protection of intellectual property
  • Accurate and timely information disclosure and communication with stakeholders


By sharing these CSR Key Issues through continuous discussions with the Shin-Etsu Group companies, we will strive to further enhance the effectiveness of our CSR activities.


Social Contribution Activities in Local Communities

The Shin-Etsu Group’s employees around the world participate in local social contribution activities.

To give an example, Shintech, Inc., one of our major Group companies located in the U.S., is making a great contribution to the U.S. economy through its business. Not only sponsoring selected local programs, it also supports its employees to voluntarily participate in local social contribution activities. That helps to deepen the relationship of trust with the people of local communities.


International Principles and Global Charters

The Shin-Etsu Group signed and put into practice the Responsible Care® Global Charter of the International Council of Chemical Associations (ICCA) in 2006. Furthermore, in 2014, we also signed the revised Responsible Care® Global Charter issued by the ICCA. This charter codifies the global chemical industry’s total commitment to “the safe management of chemicals throughout their life cycle, while promoting their role in improving quality of life and contributing to sustainable development.” In addition, in 2010, the Shin-Etsu Group became a participant in the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) and has been voluntarily supporting and practicing in our business operations and strategies the UNGC’s Ten Principles with regard to the four fields of human rights, labor standards, the environment and the prevention of corruption. These principles are all in accordance with the Group’s Corporate Mission and our Basic CSR Policy.


Corporate Social Responsibilities

Going forward, the Group will strive in all of its business activities for the creation and fulfillment of new values that will respond to the requests from society and to steadily carry out our corporate social responsibilities. We sincerely ask for your continued understanding and support in the future as well.



June 2017

Chihiro Kanagawa, Chairman

Yasuhiko Saitoh, President