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Shin-Etsu Group Original Calendar 2003

Calendar Introduction

HOMMAGE A L' AFRIQUEPhotographer : Takashi Nakagawa

Cover Sheet
Upper: Grand Erg Oriental, Algeria
Lower: Three Great Pyramids at Giza


Takashi Nakagawa has roamed the world for 20 years. His photographic style is "nature-teaching" rather than self-teaching. While visiting 129 countries around the world, he has learned from nature. He treats ruins, trees, rainbows, birds, horses, camels and all manner of other things as his teachers. "I don't unilaterally take pictures, but share the stage of expression with my subjects," he said. This photographer releases his shutter with heartfelt respect in Africa. He has met another great teacher again.
"HOMMAGE A L' AFRIQUE" is a French phrase meaning "Tribute to Africa".

January & February:
Graceful curves in the Sahara (Grand Erg Occidental, Algeria)

Placing a table in the shadow of a palm, I wrote letters to friends around the world. I went for a walk in the rolling sand dunes. As my foot sank in the soft sand, a cool feeling ran from the tips of my toes up my body. Seduced by this comfort, I wandered around absentmindedly. When I came to my senses, I took stock of the sand dunes, and felt dwarfed in Mother Earth's embrace.

March & April:
Purple Hill (Fes, Morocco)

A hill overlooking the Mediterranean Sea was resplendent with waving red flowers. I discovered we could enjoy idyllic scenery even in Africa. Approaching the next hill, I saw a floral carpet of yellow. Little did I know that the following hill would be purple.

May & June:
Pastoral Landscape in Morocco (Meknes, Morocco)

Morocco, being close to Spain, is the entrance to Africa. The women veil their faces and hide their skin. Nonetheless, their eyes possess a subtle charm. I heard some women's lively chatter in the fields. Unconsciously, I nodded a greeting. Then, all at once they looked at me-their exotic eyes smiling.

July & August:
Landscape with the Step Pyramid (Sakkara, Egypt)

Swaths of farmland extend along the Nile. In the background, the Step Pyramid at Sakkara, with its 4,500 years of history, looks down at the Nile from barren lands. While the appearance of the ancient civilization shows the passage of time, villagers head home with their buffalo.

September & October:
A Sailing Boat on Lake Victoria (Mwanza, Lake Victoria, Tanzania)

Lake Victoria is 6,500 km upstream of the river mouth at the head of the Nile. I was surprised at both its size and the change in color. Nature can create whatever colors it wishes. With both the sky and the lake turning green, I forgot the passage of time while gazing at a sailing boat in this magical shimmering world.

November & December:
Sunset in the Kalahari Desert (Sekoma, Kalahari Desert, Botswana)

Though it is unlike being in a desert due to an abundance of trees, the tires on my jeep sink in the red sand. Bushmen hunt their prey. Cattle amble off home without any sense of urgency. I encamp at a place of my own choosing, as usual. Time of my own passes.

Takashi Nakagawa
1942: Born in Kobe, Japan.
1974: Started traveling the world with his wife.
1990: Completed a world tour lasting 17 years that took in 112 countries across five continents.
1992: Released a collection of his photos. Held exhibitions in many cities and enjoyed extensive coverage in various magazines.
1997: Began touring again. Visited 39 countries over a period of about 40 months.
Present: Actively lecturing and exhibiting his photography.